2017-02-21 20:35:07 by Xzilia


I'll be drawing some new art here and there and If you have read my Journal on DeviantART then you all already know what I've been up too. So far lately I've gotton some copic like markers and now im sort of "experimenting" with them with marker paper. I've been wanting to use copics for a really long time and I'm finally using them...  and so far I actually like it. If you check out my twitter you can see what's  happening. I wish I can make more YouTube videos but I'm slowly becoming less "shy" to show myself because I didnt really like showing myself in videos but I'm Im slowly getting used to it so that means there will be more recordings even if it doesn't look like it but I am. I'll l try my best to post art to the best that I can and thank you for comments, likes and ETC.


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2017-02-21 21:04:47

Damn, your an amazingly awesome artist. Imma follow you now!